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A Song of Ice & Fire Crannogman Trackers


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A Song of Ice and Fire Crannogman Trackers.

The Crannogmen Trackers are never what one would call a front-line unit. Lightly armed and lightly armored, Trackers stand little chance in formal engagements. What Trackers lack in direct damage, however, they more than make up for in their speed and ability to disrupt and confuse enemy formations, all the while combining their speed and mobility with deadly hit-and-run tactics to avoid direct engagements.


  • The Crannogmen Trackers are a light, quick, ranged unit. They come at a cheap price, at 5 points.
  • Trackers are very fragile with their defense save of 6+ and morale save of 7+. If placed wrongly, they can be wiped out in a single well-placed attack.
  • The Crannogman Warden Attachment that comes with this unit gives them the "Opportunist" ability that allows them to re-roll any misses when attacking unactivated opponents.

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