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A Song of Ice & Fire Neutral Heroes II


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A Song of Ice and Fire Neutral Heroes 2.

Many Figures in Westeros do not Work for one Faction Alone.

This box brings an assortment of famous neutral Characters to the ASOIAF TMG universe, from sellswords to politically unaligned lords. The toolbox provided here is a great addition not only for Neutral players but also for most of the other factions.

Tactical Points:

  • Daario Naharis brings and offensive edge to the game, also allowing better movement on the battlefield with his Forced March Tactics Card.
  • Vargo Hoat can push almost any army to a Panic theme, providing more versatility to most factions.
  • Albeit very powerful, the NCUs that come in this box are expensive. Choose wisely which one you wish to add to your army, for they do complicate list-building.

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