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A Song of Ice & Fire Savage Giants


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A Song of Ice and Fire Savage Giants

Although considered a myth by most southern Westerosi lords, the Savage Giants beyond the Wall are all too real, as the Night’s Watch will attest. These huge creatures wear no armor, and wield little more than crude mammoth bones or tree trunks. Yet, this is all they really need. A single giant can lay waste to the heaviest infantry, and virtually ignore a line of charging knights. Only raw numbers or mighty siege weapons can bring a Giant down.


  • Savage Giants are on the "expensive" end of the spectrum of Free Folk units, at 7 points, they can shallow down your numbers if played in excess. So players be warned.
  • The Savage Giants' main role in the battlefield is to take down heavily armoured targets since, if they hit their attack, they deal wounds to the enemy, without allowing defence saves.
  • Their 5 wounds, together with their innate ability of taking only 1 wound for each 2 unblocked hits makes them resilient.

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