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A Song of Ice & Fire Baratheon Wardens


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A Song of Ice and Fire Baratheon Wardens.

The backbone of the Baratheon host, Wardens are hardy and reliable troops that will stand their ground! Being able to be fielded with any Baratheon Commander they prove themselves useful by controlling parts of the map and holding objectives, although it might sometimes take them a while to get there. Their Master Warden Attachment makes them even more reliable in absorbing enemy attacks.

Tactical Points

  • With a great Defense of 3+ and their ability to place Weakened tokens when attacking make the Wardens perfect for attrition.
  • Their movement of 4” is below average and players should commit to where they want to move.
  • The Master Warden attachment with his Order “Stand Your Ground!” allows you to cancel an enemies bonuses for Charge, Flank, and Rear!

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