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A Song of Ice & Fire Ranger Trackers


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A Song of Ice and Fire Ranger Trackers.


The Ranger Trackers are the eyes and ears of the Night’s Watch. On the battlefield these units serve to harass enemies with their recurve bows at short range and leave enemies vulnerable. A cunning commander will then finish the enemy off with another hard hitting unit.


  • Use the Tracker’s high movement speed and free cavalry maneuver to quickly claim objectives on the battlefield.
  • Trackers are great at diminishing an enemies defensive capability with their “Mark Target” Order, leaving them exposed for your other units to destroy them.
  • Use their ranged attack along with their high mobility to shoot at enemies from the flank and rear.
  • Be Careful not to overextend your reach with them since you they only have a defense save of 5+ and can be easily destroyed if left in a disadvantageous position.

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