Necromunda Van Saar Archeoteks & Grav-cutters

Necromunda Van Saar Archeoteks & Grav-cutters

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Necromunda Van Saar Archeoteks & Grav-cutters.

Expand your Van Saar gang with these six fighters. The Archeoteks are Van Saar Champions that have access to the best technology that the clan can provide – one of these models comes equipped with a deadly rad beamer while the other has an esoteric spider-rig. The Neoteks each fly into action aboard a grav-cutter. They each carry a laspistol and an energy shield, and the kit comes with four different heads.

This 138-part kit makes two Archeoteks and four Neoteks. It comes supplied with four 32mm Necromunda Bases, two 25mm Necromunda Bases, and six 45mm Groove Stems.

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